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> WYSOCS is a Christian education centre exploring the power of faith in learning for every aspect of life. We bring a striking message: what goes on in the Kingdom of God is just as important as how to get in! Our vision includes all kinds of study, work and play in the idea of God's calling


WYSOCS, Outwood House, Outwood Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4HR, United Kingdom

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  • Business and The Big Picture

    The kingdom of God is the central theme of the NT. This kingdom is focused on the redemption of all things and this includes business.

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    Business and the Kingdom - The Big Picture

    Business and the Kingdom - The Big Picture - Connecting our business lives with themes of Creation, Fall, Christ and the Kingdom

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  • 13
    Loving God and neighbour ... in business?

    What the commands of Jesus - to love God and neighbour - mean in competitive business.

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    Iron Sharpens Iron Programme

    Here is our Iron Sharpens Iron programme for the next 4 months. More details to follow.

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