• FeaturedWeekly Blog - Catherine Beaumont - Party like it’s 2000 BC

    Posted on: 30th November 2022

    Hospitality to others is part of our own preparation for receiving Christ into our lives.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Mary Swain - Remaining Faithful

    Posted on: 22nd November 2022

    There is a time to stand up and speak, but there is also a time to get down on our knees and pray.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Emily Smith - What can Christians learn from sportspeople?

    Posted on: 9th November 2022

    We, like sportspeople, must be bold; show love and self-discipline; and steward our power well.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Helen Reid - Connecting with the ‘Garden of Eden’ and our own city of Leeds today

    Posted on: 8th November 2022

    Our faith and assurance of salvation enable us to care about the needs of others.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - David Flowers - What happened the last time something shattered in your life?

    Posted on: 2nd November 2022

    Their blemishes and wounds tell the story of creation, shattering, rescue and restoration.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Paul Lancaster - Seeing The City

    Posted on: 27th October 2022

    How do we see Leeds personally?

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Mark Kelly - More Than Words?

    Posted on: 17th October 2022

    We need to take extra care with the message we are transmitting and be aware of the medium in which we are sending it.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Roger Quick - Harvest

    Posted on: 11th October 2022

    Our task - the task of all of us - is to be loving.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Mary Swain - Without Walls

    Posted on: 5th October 2022

    The Kingdom of God is not something you can box in. It’s wild and growing and often different from what we expect.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Emily Smith - How do we hold the truth of difficulties in our lives with the truth of God’s goodness?

    Posted on: 22nd September 2022

    Campaigning about the Cost of Living Crisis.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - John Simkins - The Queen: A ‘Good News’ Person

    Posted on: 20th September 2022

    For Christians, as for all people of faith, reflection, meditation and prayer help us to renew ourselves in God’s love.

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  • FeaturedWeekly Blog - Helen Reid - Remembering Queen Elizabeth II, a reflection on servant leadership

    Posted on: 14th September 2022

    Queen Elizabeth was a role model and was a witness to her faith at the heart of her long service.

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