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  • ‘Your Local Pantry’ Project

    The Pantry is a community food club, run by and for its members.

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  • Global economics of Nature and the Kingdom of God

    This Week's Blog Written by Haddon Willmer

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  • Leeds Space Network

    Easter Egg Appeal

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  • The dark side cannot create; it can only corrupt.

    This Week's Blog Written by Roger Quick

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  • 2021 Arts and Theology Bursary

    Leeds Church Institute (LCI) are pleased to announce that our 2021 Arts and Theology Bursary has been awarded to artist Leon Varga and theologian Christine Sharpe.

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  • Why does Hope endure?

    A reflection from Revd Phil Arnold, vicar of Christ Church Upper Armley

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  • Weekly Blog 12_02_21


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  • “Imagine HOPE as a verb” says Thomas Jay Oord

    For the launch of Leeds Lent Prayer Diary 2021, Thomas Jay Oord asks us to “imagine hope as a verb"

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