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  • FEATURED: Leeds Faith In Schools 2021 Christmas Appeal

    Leeds Faith In Schools are seeking support to continue to deliver a powerful gospel Christmas message.

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  • FEATURED: The Legal Rights and Freedoms For Workplace Christians

    Short survey to help resource legal rights and freedoms to share about Jesus at work.

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  • FEATURED: Mary’s Meals - Every Donation Doubled.

    Donate to Mary’s Meals today and double your love!

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  • FEATURED: Weekly Blog - Angela Hughes: URGENCY?

    I have an abiding memory, going back a good few years, of an Autumn walk through one of Leeds' amazing parks.

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  • FEATURED: Red Balloon Publishing

    Latest Bookshelf from Red Balloon Publishing - Publishing and Disseminating Innovative Christian Thinking

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  • FEATURED: Sanctuary

    Leeds Methodist Mission will soon be changing it's name to Leeds Sanctuary. Sanctuary is somewhere we go to feel safe, take refuge, find ...

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  • FEATURED: LSoT 2022 Dayschool - Back In-Person!

    Leeds School Of Theology - Healthy Theology and Reading the Bible in a Deeper Way

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  • Weekly Blog - Roger Quick: O come Emmanuel.

    At the darkest time of the year we relive God’s gift of light in darkness.

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