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Mary’s Meals is a charity with a simple idea that works, by providing a daily meal in a place of learning we can attract chronically poor and hungry children into the classroom, where they can access that all important education. Our work is named in honour of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who raised her own child in poverty.

Mary’s Meals began by feeding just 200 children in Malawi n 2002, but, due to the generosity of our amazing supporters in the UK, we are pleased to say we are currently feeding 1,504,471 children in 18 countries every school day.

Despite the successes we have seen, our work is far from over; 64 million children worldwide miss school because of poverty - having to beg, work or scavenge just to survive – and millions more sit in classrooms across the world, so hungry that they are unable to concentrate and learn.

We need your help to reach that next child!


Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre, Bennett Road, Leeds, LS6 3HN, United Kingdom

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    Mary's Meals is reaching out to ask that people of faith join us in prayerful support throughout the month of May.

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