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“The Lord watches over you . . .the sun will not harm you by day.”
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Psalm 121 has many helpful things to say particularly for anyone on a journey to a place to praise God. I have been drawn to verses 5 and 6: “The Lord watches over you . . .the sun will not harm you by day.”  This surely has the predictable role of the sun in mind and does not envisage how we are affecting the sun by the gas that is being put into the air in quantity by human activity. 

You don’t need me to tell you that climate change is happening in England as well as over all the world, but can I leave it to everyone else to do something about it? I would like to suggest we begin to grapple with some personal issues.  Is it time to tackle the big issues rather than just tinkering with the edges? 

I have been trying to reduce fuel use in the car for many years. My consumption used to be for 10,000 miles a year and it stayed at this level for about 25 years. In the last 12 years it has been brought down progressively to 4,000 miles.  Could it come lower?  The Covid pandemic has greatly affected me and I find my annual consumption is down to 3,000.  Is there more to be done? Yes. 

Another big consumer of petroleum products is flying to a holiday destination. Suppose we choose a destination in the U.K., will that be any less enjoyable?  Not if we select carefully. 

Written by Philip Le Masurier

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“The Lord watches over you . . .the sun will not harm you by day.” photo

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