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Tastelife is about just that: tasting life. Tastelife believes in breaking free from eating disorders and rediscovering life in all its fullness.

Tastelife offers hope for sufferers and help for their supporters through the tastelife eight-session community course.

They provide tools for recovery for those who struggle with eating disorders and for their supporters.

As well as the tastelife course, they run training for those who work in areas where they are likely to encounter people with eating disorders, for example education, health, and youth work.

The tastelife course is suitable for people of all faiths and none and they like to reflect this on their website. The priority is getting help to people who need it and removing any barriers.

However, they do have a 'Church Supplement' which is additional reading and material which can be added to the session each week if the course is being run in a church or Christian setting.


This approach has actually led to fantastic missional work from non-christians being open to prayer to full conversion of faith. Many churches use the tastelife course as a way to reach out to their local community and engage with non-Christians. God has worked in and through tastelife right from the beginning and continues to do so.

Resources are also available, booklets can be bought here

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