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authorAnna Bland

The world feels out of control at the moment and many of us are struggling with the strange reality we are all living in. Although for some people life is less busy practically, all our minds are busier than ever as we try to process and understand lots of new information.

Meditation has been shown to have many positive impacts on mental health and levels of concentration. It gives a busy mind a few minutes of peace and quiet each day.

At LMM we have created some guided meditations that you can use at anytime and are perfect for those who may not have meditated before or for a while. Each one has a different focus depending on how you are feeling; one looks at the wonder of the nature world, another focuses on your wellbeing and another is specifically for a time of pandemic.

If creativity is important for your spirituality we have weekly visual meditations created by local artist Shaeron Caton Rose. They give you something to reflect on but also something simple and creative to do with your hands.

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