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Lloyds Bank Foundation fund for small and local charities
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Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales (LBFEW) has opened a £9.5m fund for small and local charities in England and Wales to apply for two-year unrestricted grants of £50,000.

At least 25% of all funding this year will be allocated to charities led by and for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities. A separate funding strand for charities specifically working on racial equity will also open in the coming months.

This £9.5m funding will be open year-round, so charities can apply at a time and will not be restricted by deadlines. It will support 190 small charities with an income between £25,000 and £1m across England and Wales.

Alongside unrestricted funding, recipients will be supported by one of the foundation’s regional managers, who will work with them to access a wide range of organisational development support to help meet identified needs. Read more here:

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