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Becky Cherriman’s poem “Morality Tale”
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authorLawrence Cockrill

Listen to Becky Cherriman’s poem “Morality Tale”, published in the anthology And The Stones Fell Open: A Leeds Poetry Anthology, a prophetic poem read by the poet herself with a pace and tone that emphasise the powerful ache of the words.

“As a freelance writer, I had not been in a position to contribute to a pension scheme until I started to work part-time for the university. Before I signed up, I began to look into the funds the scheme invested in and was shocked at what I found. At the time the only ‘ethical’ considerations of the fund I was eligible to join were related to perceived financial risk of the investments. That did not chime with my understanding of ethics. Happily there are funds that do not interpret ethics in such a narrow way.”

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