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Thanks to everyone who has been engaging with the prayer walking web app so far. 42 km of the city have been walked now and it's so encouraging to have a visual representation of the prayer that is happening in different areas. Several churches are also making this a summer project for their congregations and weekly groups, to cover the areas near where they meet or where they live.

Here are some thoughts from someone who's been prayer walking recently...

'I've been reminded while prayer walking that Christianity is an outside faith. So often our expressions of faith take place inside buildings whereas most of the action in the Bible is outside - where people are. So we should be inside out people! Children love to be outside and I've noticed so many playing out as I've prayer walked over this last half term; which causes me to pray for the next generation growing up in our city, the majority of whom know nothing of the amazing gospel of the Lord Jesus.'

Leeds Prayer House and Pray for Leeds are prayer walking the streets of Leeds over the summer months, and we’d love you to join us as we cover the city in prayer and connect with God’s love and purposes for the people who live, study and work here.  Find out more here:


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