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A Matter of Life and Death
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authorLawrence Cockrill

A series of online events this Autumn to help us see dying as something we can plan for and manage rather than something to fear and avoid discussing.  In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, our programme of events is an opportunity to explore how our approach to death, dying and bereavement has changed.

Talking about dying makes it more likely that you, or your loved one, will have a ‘good death’ – to die as you might wish. We don’t have to be very old or ill or morbid to start. It does not bring death any nearer but a lot of people say that thinking about what they want for themselves, and for their loved ones, can be valuable and rewarding.

Resources include contributions from Revd Jan Berry, Revd Dr Chris Swift, Revd Dr Keith Albans, Dr Lynn Bassett, Revd Tom Lusty and MHA Chaplain Alma Fritchley.

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