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River Night
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date Fri, 23 Mar 7:30pm - 9:00pm

authorScott Liston

There is no agenda to this evening other than the presence of the Holy Spirit and His desire to touch His people!

Your Spirit man will be charged and built up, strongholds will be broken from you, sickness & oppression will depart and then you can soak and marinate in the presence of God.

Testimonies from a recent River Night:

Two ladies were baptised in the Holy Spirit and one of them has not had nightmares since.

Sharon from Leeds, received Jesus and was set free from 20 years of Chronic pain in the presence of God.  She was still testifying to this healing two weeks later!

Pauline from Harrogate said the following:  “I really enjoyed getting in the River at ‘River Night’ and I am glad to report that the pain left my hand and elbow.  During the evening I felt like my hands had been burning, like I was holding fire, then at my Church on Sunday a few days later, it happened again; the heat in my hands and a word was given that if anyone is experiencing heat in their hands God is giving them the gift of healing”.

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