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MIGRANT ACTION:COVID19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Health Justice Workshop
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date Wed, 14 Apr 10:00am - 12:00pm

authorNetwork Leeds

The crushing economic impact of Covid-19 is most visible amongst these communities who are overrepresented at the ‘frontline’ and in the most precarious, disposable, insecure and low paid jobs.  Migrants, who have no recourse to public funds, don’t have a ‘safety-net to fall back whilst those with insecure or irregular immigration status, are wary about participating in Covid-19 responses including the vaccine. 


Whilst vaccine ‘hesitancy' is complex, covid-19 outcomes for BME and migrant communities are precariously obvious.


Migrant Action is organising a collaborative workshop to:


Enhance constructive discourse about covid-19/vaccine

Ensure  equity of access to the vaccine

Challenge conspiracies and transform vaccine hesitancy 


Workshop format

Keynote speakers/group discussion facilitators ( 10 minutes each)

§ Breakout rooms-  facilitated group discussions ( 25 mins). 

§  Q&A -  20-25mins

§  Closing remarks

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