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Arc Spirit Cafe @ Corn Exchange
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date Thu, 17 May 4:00pm - 6:00pm

authorLydia Haines

Father God is full of love for all of us. He is constantly looking for opportunities to bless people. Arc Spirit Cafe exists to create a safe place for non-Christians and Christians to experience the goodness of God in tangible ways. We offer free spiritual reading (prophetic word), physical healing, dream interpretation, spiritual detox and peace encounter. All our treatments are free and on a first come first served basis.


 We prosper in every area and can enjoy good health when our soul prospers. We see it so often at Arc Spirit Cafe. When our soul - our emotion, mind and will - get healed and restored, everything falls into their right place and our body gets healed.


At Arc Spirit Cafe @ Corn Exchange last Saturday, 2 ladies received healing after they were able to off load and hand over their burden to Jesus. One lady with limited neck rotation was able to turn her neck at ease. Another lady with arthritis in both knees was able to walk around with much greater ease.


Other comments from our visitors that day: -

~ 'The atmosphere has been delightful. I have felt uplifted and reassured of God's love for me. I have definitely received healing.'

~ 'Feel mentally calm and collected. very relaxing, professional and polite. Would highly recommend.'

~ 'Amazing day today. I feel refreshed and clear. Thank you so much.'

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