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Arc Spirit Cafe @ Corn Exchange
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date Sat, 12 May 3:00pm - 6:00pm

authorLydia Haines

We prosper in every area and can enjoy good health when our soul prospers. We see this so regularly at Arc Spirit Cafe. At our last Spirit Cafe Cielo last Thursday, when a lady was finally able to forgive from her heart, all the pain in her back went and she was physically healed instantly.

When our soul - our emotions, our mind and our will - get healed and restored, everything falls into their rightful place and our body gets healed.

The Cross is the place of Divine Exchange. We give Him earth - our rubbish, our wounds, our pain - and He gives us Heaven. At Arc Spirit Cafe, we offer non-Christians and Christians the opportunity to encounter this Divine Exchange and experience the goodness of God. We offer FREE spiritual reading (prophetic word), physical healing, dream interpretation, spiritual detox and peace encounter to members of the public. All our treatments are completely free. Please feel free to invite friends. First come first served.

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profileI was successful in being granted some money towards my education project (Praise God!!)