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Posted on: 15th March 2022

Mission – Part 2

In the movie Forrest Gump, there is a scene where Forrest and his platoon are under severe
attack in a heavy combat zone. In this scene, Forrest repeatedly risks his safety to save the lives of his friends, especially his good friend, Bubba! No one could ever call Forrest selfish. Throughout the movie, we see Gump just giving what he had to others.

The clip In Forest Gump is a powerful illustration of how serious our task is in reaching
those who are lost, those who, through sin, are metaphorically injured and dying. But as Forrest does with Bubba and his platoon, we've just got to keep going back into the war zone, back to
save the lost kids that God loves, despite the cost to ourselves.

God's purpose, once we become His, for keeping us on Earth and not taking us immediately to be with Him in Heaven, is to fulfil our mission of finding our Bubbas and sharing the Good News of Jesus with them so they might be rescued from sin and into a relationship with God. We have all been given a mission by God to advance his kingdom and get back his lost children.

Most of us will never become world-renowned evangelists. 98% of us will never "be called" to full-time – salary reliant – vocational church ministry. However, we are all called to share whatever we do have. To be a witness for Jesus and testify of our own experiences with the Living God, proclaiming what we know is true, to do our part in rescuing a fallen world.

God's mission comes back to primarily using the Church to find the lost and advance His
Kingdom. In verse 15 of Romans 10, Paul, the author, writes: And how are they to preach unless
they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!"

So, who does the sending? The answer is that it's us, the Church, the ground-level operatives who live right here among the natives. It' our job to send one another, train one another, and encourage one another to keep getting up and going back out there. And to help one another discover our gifts and unique ways of proclaiming the Good news, the news that has meant life or death for every one of us who believe, When we do, we will find that the ancient prophet quoted in the verse from Romans was right:we indeed have beautiful feet when we are running with a beautiful message.

By Mark Kelly

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