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Wings of Refuge, a non-denominational Christian church has launched an effort to spread good deeds in the community by encouraging others to do nice things and share it with them and with their friends on social media. The aim is to promote kindness by responding to the needs of local people.

So far the church has set up a support service for young single mothers who need supplies, support and advice. These can be accessed at the church on Sundays. They also have a food store for the homeless and people in need of extra help. Outreach manager Jenny says ‘we offer a lot of support to our members but wanted to be relevant in the community by not only extending what we do but also encouraging people to do the same. We hope this will lead to a chain reaction of people thinking about ways they can help people. You can get involved by simply going the extra mile for someone and sharing the story with us. We can support larger projects so welcome contact with ideas and requests.’

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