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Weekly Devotional - What are You thirsty for?
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authorAgnes Amos-Coleman

Friends, being thirsty means a desiring, craving, eagerness, keenness and hungry for a situation, circumstance and event – for example, we could be thirsty for power, money, fame, attention, and so on.

Have you ever wondered why we have this deep unsatisfied longing well within us – even when we seem to have everything our hearts desire and ought to be perfectly satisfied. God in His sovereignty has put a longing in our hearts to thirst for Him – hence we are reminded in His word in John 7:37 “…. Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink”.

Thirsting for anything other than God first is futile and can only result in total emptiness.  There is wisdom in thirsting for God first and if we do, all the other things we thirst for will be given to us according to His will (Matthew 6:33).

As you thirst for God – expect Him to:

  • Respond not according to your desire but according to His will – I have to say that despite my own impatience, I have come to find this fascinating because of the element of surprise and uncertainty that comes with it.
  • Give you contentment – This means that whatever He gives you, you will have peace and rest of mind with it, and you won’t thirst again because you will be assured that whatever He gives you is better than you could ever thirst for.

Friends, choose daily to thirst for God.  If you are currently not a Christ follower, the only one that can quench your thirst is Jesus – come.

All glory to God!

Written by Agnes Amos-Coleman who is a Christian Speaker, Author & Business Consultant. Her new Book is out now - click here to find out more.

Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

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