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The Big Bike Fix
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Welcome to the Big Bike Fix – a new project in south Leeds, for people to work together in their neighbourhoods, to fix up one another’s bicycles. Could you help make it happen where you are?

Loads of us have bikes that need simple fixes: punctures to patch, brakes to tighten, handlebars or seats to tighten, chains to oil, and so on. A wide range of regular people can do these, without super powers or specialist tools.

We hope to see small simple events happening across LS10 and LS11 this summer – in parks and streets, or maybe hosted by local organisations or clubs. After some local advertising (posters, social media, etc), volunteers will turn up on a given day, with basic tools, and help fix up the bikes of anyone who comes. Drinks/snacks/music/etc might also feature, if locals make it happen.

This is an experiment, and will depend on people making it happen where they are! To find out more, or to get involved, get in touch via our Facebook group  The coordinators will aim to link up people to work together on the mini events – and offer advice and support if needed. Small amounts of cash are available, if required.

Many thanks in advance. Let's get cycling, people!

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profileThanks for all you help and you and the team are doing a great brilliant job!