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Weekly Devotional: The Arm of Flesh will fail You
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authorAgnes Amos-Coleman

My friends, I don’t know about you, so often I have put my trust in men and women and who have failed me and might I add, I too have failed others as well.

Because we are human, it is in our sinful nature to be unreliable, inconsistent, and unfaithful and it is only when we become new persons in Christ that we begin the process of putting away the old nature. 

In the sovereignty of God, He knows all our weakness (because He created us) and hence provided a word of wisdom for us in Jeremiah 17:5This is what the Lord says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord”.

There are tremendous benefits in putting our trust in God first and seeking His direction as opposed to man.  Amongst them are:

  • God can be trusted – We know this because He does not lie nor change His mind as we humans do. This gives me great confidence and if you have had issues of trust with others in the past – look no further with God.
  • God is faithful - His words are true.  How painful it is when people’s word to us don’t mean anything.  With God, you don’t have to worry about this.  Not only are his words true, they provide us with great comfort.
  • God is Just – I love this character of God particularly because we live in a world that is so unjust for various reasons.

Christ follower, let God be your first point of contact in every situation and He will give you the wisdom to navigate your relationships. If you are currently not a Christ follower, what you put your trust in will likely fail you – turn to God for help today.

All glory to God!

Written by Agnes Amos-Coleman who is a Christian Speaker, Author & Business Consultant.  Click here to find out more about her latest Book on Transforming Business with Godly Governance.



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