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Refugee Action By Horsforth CT & All Hallows
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There are countless articles in the news, scaremongering the public about the ‘influx’ of refugees, but many churches in Leeds are working together to break the stigma and help those in need.
Most recently, Horsforth Churches Together teamed up with Leeds City of Sanctuary to host The World on Our Doorstep evening. St Margaret’s church in Horsforth was turned into a child’s haven, full of games and activities, there was even a bouncy castle (who knew you could fit a bouncy castle inside a church?!).
People from the area, both UK-born and refugee/asylum seekers came together to enjoy an evening of fun, talks, and great Syrian food. Whilst the adults heard tear-jerking anecdotes from women who had fled their country in search of a better life, the children played together blissfully. 
Duncan Stow, of Horsforth Churches Together told “Our hope for tonight was to make friends, have fun together, share food, and enjoy life.” This was certainly achieved.
The evening created bonds between the children, and families, showing the importance of integration within our modern society.
Other churches in Leeds such as All Hallows’ Church welcome refugees with open arms. May 4th, saw them hosting a Syrian Kitchen night to launch the University Human Rights Journal. 
When talking about refugees and asylum seekers, All Hallows’ Church’s website states “We have been upset by the way in which many of our fellow human beings have been treated. By the way in which they have not been offered hospitality and support when they have needed it.” They seek justice for those who have come to the UK and found themselves in detention centres or facing difficult issues in this country. The church and many of its members are involved with many different organisations around Leeds the provide support such as: Asylum Justice and Release (AJAR), Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (LASSN), Leeds City of Sanctuary, and Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS). 

These are jut two examples of the ways in which Churches across Leeds are giving witness through their actions on refugees and migrants.
On May 11th, Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network and Retas Leeds are working with Open Source Arts and Red Ladder Theatre Company to put on Music Without Borders – A Party for Refugees & Their Allies. 
The event is open to everyone and will feature live music, dancing, and food. Like The World on Our Doorstep, this event is created to bring together people from all walks of life to enjoy a night together and create new friendships, building a deeper understanding of those who have gone through hardships to be able to lead a safer life.


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