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RealityBites in Prison
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authorMark Roques

RealityBites is a ministry based in Leeds that uses storytelling to unlock faith in all kinds of people and it's so encouraging when storytelling evangelism touches lives.

Yusif (not his real name) comes from Eastern Europe. He is an asylum seeker, currently in a prison in Doncaster. This is what he wrote to me last week:


Dear my friend Mark,

Hello mate, how are you and how is everybody doing.

It was nice to talking to you the other day on the phone. I really enjoyed talking about Prince Philip, Maradona and Jesus. Also I kept reading the stories you've sent me. I just got the Gospel of John today and thinking about to go to church on Sunday.

I have had a few situations where my anger nearly got the better of me but I feel like I was saved due to your prayers which I am very grateful for. God bless you. Thank you so much for helping me out by sending me stories which keep me busy.... everything you've done for me.

lots of lots of love



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profileI want to thank you for informing me about the above funding/grants. I was successful in being granted some money towards my education project (Praise God!!)