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authorKaren Williams

Night Church is for people from any socio-economic background – there simply is no clear demographic, other than that self-selected by those with a propensity to be in the city on a Saturday night (typically those on a “night-out”). This includes the homeless, business-people, the poor, the wealthy, the vulnerable, the weak, the strong, revellers, addicts, stag/hen parties. There are those who we see once and probably never again, and those who return and even start to develop a sense of “belonging”.

Network Leeds would love you to pray for Night Church and the people they serve. Night Church can keep you up to date by emailing their blog.
Please complete the form if; you would like regular information and requests for prayer or if you have a word for them.

Pray for the night Life in Leeds and all that serve the city to bring light including

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profileThrough Network Leeds advertising, Joanna has recruited a fantastic Volunteer coordinator. Network Leeds continues to connect people in the city!