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Network Leeds Members Annual Giving - update 30th November
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authorKaren Williams

Here is a reminder about the opportunity to partner with us, (if you haven't already done so this year), to help fund the ongoing running costs of the project.

Network Leeds is now in its 15th  year and 2017 has been a  very significant year - it is the first time when it has not received any grants, which means all our income needed to be generated either via member donations and also through advertising.  Our advertising income has been up by 10%, however new donations have been less than we hoped for. There were two other significant ecumenical organisations; namely Leeds Churches Together in Mission (LCTIM) and West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council (WYEC) which now sadly have closed. Let's pray that Network Leeds will not follow in their footsteps.

We decided at the start of this year to introduce a voluntary paid membership scheme. This means that if you are connected with us in any way shape or form and read our e:Bulletin or news on social media, we'd like you to make a financial donation each year. The suggested voluntary contribution is £2.50 a month or a one off donation of £25 - £30. Please do pray about this and if you can give more, that would be wonderful as not everybody is in a position to do this.

We do understand If you are unable to afford it or you already give to us in other ways such as:

  • An individual who is already giving financially on a regular basis
  • A Church leader who is already giving on a regular or one-off basis
  • A project who is already giving through paid adverts or donating on a regular or one-off basis
  • A business who is already giving through paid adverts or donating on a regular or one-off basis
  • Volunteering your time
  • Uploading your own articles to the website

It would be very helpful for financial planning purposes, to have your thoughts and responses as soon as you can. Three people have responded so far which is encouraging, making a total of £80.
To set up a standing order please contact
To make your donation please visit

Thank you for being a much valued part of Network Leeds. 

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