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Leeds School of Theology Dayschool 2021 - Delivered Online
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What is Leeds School of Theology?

Leeds School of Theology is an informal school offering theological education which brings academic theology and missional practice together. The Leeds School of Theology is open to all and is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to gain a greater knowledge of God, Scripture and theology. Our courses will equip, empower and inspire you to think theologically and to read, study and apply God’s Word in a deeper and life transforming way.

What is the Dayschool?

The 2021 Dayschool offers theological training spread over up to three years. This course covers ‘Foundations in Christian Theology’ in Years One and Two and ‘Advanced New Testament Studies’ in Year Three. The course is designed to fit together; students only sign up for one year at a time so you can fit it into the busyness of life. The Dayschool runs over ten saturday sessions, one a month with August and December off.
You will hear from some of the best theologians and missional pracitioners in the North of England. You will have the chance to discuss the sessions with other students, ask questions and form friendships. You will also have the opportunity to meet with tutors, via Zoom, for tutorial time to discuss and process what you are learning. 

Course Delivery

The 2021 course will be delivered via live-streamed teaching using Zoom. This platform allows us to continue to deliver high quality theological education in a way that is accessible and affordable. This means the course is accessible to anyone who has an device and internet connection!. Being at every session is a priority for our students as this is the best way to engage with the course. However, if you cannot make a session, they are all recorded so that you can catch up.

Each month you will engage with the course through:
- A morning’s teaching live streamed on Zoom.
- A set of pre-recorded videos for you to watch at a time to suit you.
- An evenings Q&A discussion group with your classmates and the LSoT team held over Zoom.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the course is £375 per year, which includes all teaching, electronic resources, access to our online discussion and resource forum. Some local churches are able to subsidise the cost of the Leeds School of Theology for their students. If your church has not advertised a subsidy, please contact your church leaders to enquire about this possibility.

Where can i Sign Up?

Sign up online at

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