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Journey Of The Magi
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Inspired by T S Eliot’s poem, Journey of the Magi, is a festive, light-hearted, joyful event with a moving and profound message.

The show offers a bridge between contemporary life and Jesus’s birth, comparing our own personal journey to Christmas day with the journey that the wise men took. Images from the poetry and familiar Christmas scenes explode in a mix of laugh-out-loud funny, moving and entertaining theatre and dance. We hope to both entertain, and offer a chance to reflect and refocus.

Aimed at families, the show attracts all ages. Relatable characters can help audiences to beinspired in their own journeys this Christmas and can help them think about who Christ is for them today.

“... the best of both worlds: a vibrant piece of entertainment and an opportunity to step back, to reflect, and to refocus.John Sherbourne, Moortown Baptist Church.

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