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Swinnow Community Centre has recently launched a bicycle donation scheme to benefit local people of all ages.  People from the community have been asked to donate their spare and unwanted bicycles of all sizes from toddlers up to adult bikes.   Bikes can be donated in any condition and volunteers at the centre will recondition them back to a safe and usable standard.  Bikes can also be brought in for basic repairs to get them straight back on the road. Donations of any spare, good condition (undamaged) cycle helmets, bike bells, reflectors and pedals are welcomed.

People in need of a bike for themselves or their children are invited to apply to the centre’s bike scheme.  Availability is dependent on the bikes that are donated and children that are given bikes are shown how to wash them, and repair punctures.  Children can also drop in and learn the important basics of bicycle maintenance. 

“GIVE A BIKE” scheme runs every second Sunday, the next one is Sunday 7th September. 

All donations can be taken to Swinnow Community Centre, Swinnow Lane, LS13 4RF 9:30am to 4:30pm.  Please ring for weekend donations: 0113 256 6576.

For more information, contact Yvonne Allman on

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