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Do you know any Christian young people who are heading either to Sixth form college or a Further Education (FE) college this September?  

 This new chapter in their education can bring new challenges to their faith as well as new opportunities. 

 Do you want to see the Christian students you know not only survive their time at college but thrive?

  Maybe Festive can help….  

Festive exists to inspire and equip students to share their faith and live for Jesus whilst at college. 

They are currently the only Christian charity in the UK working specifically in the FE sector and the majority of students and CU’s that we support are in the South of England. We have teamed up with Scripture Union in a pilot project to try and connect with more students in the North of England. 

They write:
"Our vision is very simple, we want to help thousands of Christians students going to college to reach their friends with the life changing message of the gospel.  We have the resources, the experience, the prayer networks, the time and the passion to do this.  All we need is the introduction to the students themselves. 
That’s where you come in…

We have hundreds of these stylish travel mugs to give away to students on their way to college this September. They have a simple URL printed on that will take students to a special page on our website linking them in to what we do and how we could support them at college.

From our site, they can access our regular blogs, videos, resources and our new smartphone app.

If they would like to, they can also set up a regular email correspondence with one of our team of student support workers who can advise, pray, encourage and support them through their time at college.
Get a stash for free! If you would like to give a travel mug to some Christian students heading to College this year – please get in touch and we will send you enough mugs for free.


Check us out at:


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