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Weekly Devotional - Faith is Risky (Hebrews 9 -13)
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authorAgnes Amos-Coleman

Friends, the last time I conducted a risk analysis of my walk with the Lord, I discovered that faith is risky. As I become intentional about serving God, I have found balancing my business, personal relationships and serving the Lord to be somewhat challenging because the environment we live in expects us to align with negative values to be successful.

 So, how do we live out our faith in the face of risk? This requires:

  • A fresh awakening of courageous faith in our personal and business relationships. 
  • Choosing to identify with Christ no matter the pressure from our personal and business environments (Hebrews 11:24).
  • Value the eternal perspective we have as Christ-followers – which means our attitude and behaviour should consequently reflect the hope of heaven (Hebrews 13:13-14).
  • Trust in God’s will to help us persevere, make the right choices to stand and shine for Him daily (Hebrews 11:27).
  • Remember the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross of Calvary for us.  This blood is central to our faith and is still relevant today (Hebrews 9: 12-14).

 It is not always easy to take a risk for Jesus – particularly in the face of peer pressure and persecution but the word of God reminds us that we can do all things through Him who gives us strength (Philippians 4:13). Serving the Lord is not limiting but liberating!

Friends, this week and year, make a choice to take a courageous stand for Jesus – pray that the Holy Spirit will give you the boldness and wisdom to stand and shine for Him.  If you are currently not a Christ follower, the time is now to experience Jesus in a special way – come.

 All glory to God!

Written by Agnes Amos-Coleman who is a Christian Speaker, Author & Business Consultant. Her new Book is out now - click here to find out more.

Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

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