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Beeston Space Prayer News - November 2018
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authorClaire Probert

We hope you had a good Autumn – the Space term continues. Thanks for joining with the church family across LS11 (& beyond!) in praying for the young people at Space. Four groups take place in Beeston each week and bring together young people from a variety of backgrounds. All young people are visited at home most weeks to build a stronger relationship with them and their families.

Year 7 & 8 Space group – Wednesday 515-630pm.
We have met more than 25 new year 7 kids so far this term. Due to practical complications we decided to merge the new year7 kids in to the existing year 8 group. So far this has been mostly a good thing with new friendships being made. Please pray for:
 The new year 7s as they adjust to new schools and settle in to life at Space.
 Quality opportunities to get to know the new kids better and build relationships with existing kids.
 Young people with challenging behaviour. Pray for breakthrough at school and
wisdom for the best way to respond to this at Space.

Year 9 Space group – Wednesday 630-845pm.
We have a really strong core of about 15+ kids are excited to gather together and share in Space – the group has a potential to be a really positive place during a significant year. We hope to get the Deeper Space going in the new year. Please pray for:
- All the young people as they journey a significant year. That they realise they are loved, precious and influential.
- That we can work around the practicalities and get Deeper Space restarted.
- Young people with difficult personal, home & social circumstances. That they see and know God in their lives.

Year 10 Space group – Thursday 515-630pm.
This is relatively small but equally valuable group. The kids come are really committed and obviously value Space – the leaders are exploring the best ways to develop the group to best serve and stretch the kids.
Please pray for:
- All the young people who have been part of this group during the last three years. For positive choices and fulfilled potential.
- Give thanks for the kids who have come this term.
- Wisdom of what to do next.

Year 11+ Space group – Thursday 730-845pm.
There continues to be a really positive vibe to this group with a good amount of kids contributing and benefitting from being together. It is particularly exciting given the age and life circumstances of the youngsters that Space is somewhere they enjoy and value. The group are exploring a long weekend in Paris in summer 2019. Please pray for:
- The young people who are still in education – for focus, aspiration and achievement.
- Space to evolve with the young people and continue to be a valuable place in to adulthood.
- News ideas and opportunities – especially the possible trip to Paris!!

Space is blessed with some amazing volunteers! We are grateful for their dedication, enthusiasm & passion for the young people they serve. Please pray for them this Christmas time. Could you or anyone you know help out to continue the amazing work of Space?


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Beeston Space Prayer News - November 2018 photo

Beeston Space Prayer News - November 2018 photo

Beeston Space Prayer News - November 2018 photo

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