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Weekly Devotional - Are You Sick? The Healer is calling
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authorAgnes Amos-Coleman

My friends, we are all in need of some sort of healing – be it physical, emotional or spiritual.  Sometimes, we call into question God’s goodness on why certain people are not healed of their physical ailment and ultimately die.

God in His sovereignty is the Healer and He does the work of healing as He desires according to His plan and purpose.

Some of us may be physically sick and Gods provision for our healing is in the grace to endure that sickness so we can bring Him glory.  Regardless of what our healing needs are, we must embrace God’s word in Psalm 30:2Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me”.

In doing so, we must:

  • Acknowledge His sovereignty – Over our healing needs and trust Him that He has our best interest at heart and whatever the outcome, all will be well.
  • Pray – Keep on praying no matter what the physical manifestation looks like.  Our prayer is not to change God but to change us to accept His will for our life.
  • Give Thanks – Thanking God for what He has done in the past, the provision of healing He is about to give and for the hope of a better future.
  • Rest – When all is said and done, we rest in the Lord to do that which only He can do – this is the place of surrender.

Christ follower trust in the sovereignty of God for your physical, emotional and spiritual healing needs this year. If you are currently not a Christ follower, the Healer is calling – come.

All glory to God!

Written by Agnes Amos-Coleman who is a Christian Speaker, Author & Business Consultant. Her new Book is out now - click here to find out more.




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