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Network Leeds is the biggest Christian Communications Network in Leeds and thousands of Christians receive our email updates, visit our website and stay connected through our social media channels each week. It is the place to advertise Jobs, Events, Training Courses, Books, Resources, Products and Services to Christians in Leeds.

Advertising with Network Leeds just got even better...

We’ve lowered all of our regular prices by up to 10% - Advertising now starts at just £39 (previously £43)

We’ve introduced a £5 admin fee for payments by BACs - The fee will help cover additional costs of this payment method

We’ve introduced more advertising options - Two new advertising options have been added with some great additional features (click here for more information)

We’ve cut the cost for Leeds Churches and Charities advertising events - Advertising for events with an entry fee of five pounds or less, now costs just £10 for 4 weeks (a saving £59)

We’ve made it easier to submit content - The content submission screens on our website have been updated to make uploading content more straightforward

Visit the new advertising page on our website to find out more!

If you have any questions please do get in touch

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