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ABC Coffee Shop Volunteer
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We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to share Christ with people in a really practical way. As as Coffee Shop Volunteer you would be invovled in the preparation and serving of hot and cold food and drink. Tasks include but are not limited to: taking orders, preparing drinks, handling cash and using the till system, preparing hot and cold snacks, clearing and cleaning tables, washing up and restocking supplies. You will work as part of a small team of dedicated volunteers to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for our customers. A key part of your role will be to share Christ with the community. This may be as simple as sharing a smile with someone, engaging in a conversation, or praying for someone. We would love to help you do these things effectively and if you feel you need support in anything in particular we can consider arranging the appropriate training. 

Hours: Part time, 4hrs

Contract: Permanent

Closing date for applications: Monday, 30 April 2018

Interview date: Thursday, 01 January 1970

Start date: Thursday, 01 January 1970

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