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Relief Worker
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Property Management

To carry out basic weekly fire tests.

To facilitate pre-planned housing repairs – e.g. enable access to contractors.

To respond to any urgent requests for repairs, including liaison with contractors.

To record and pass on requests for none urgent repairs to regular staff - on their return.

Housing Support

To respond to any urgent requests for support.

To record details of any significant support provided to tenants onto the google drive.

To carry a phone by which all current residents and contractors can contact the worker during office hours (9-5 Monday to Friday).

Previous experience of work with vulnerable adults is essential.  This could be work with people with enduring mental health problems and / or people with problems with substance misuse


To spend 1-2 hours visiting the 3 houses with a member of regular staff to get familiar with the properties lay out and residents (as deemed necessary at the time)

To become familiar with project keys, list of contractors and google drive.

To have a brief handover of support needs for residents.

Remuneration and expenses

We will pay £10 per hour when the worker is on site and for travel time when responding to an emergency.  Local Authority mileage rate (currently 45p for cars and vans, 24p for motor bikes and 20p for bicycles) when moving around between sites and for travel when responding to an emergency.

Hours: Part time

Contract: Temporary

Starting salary: £10 per hour

Closing date for applications: Thursday, 31 December 2020

Interview date: Thursday, 01 October 2020

Start date: Monday, 12 October 2020


contactContact: John Hebden



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