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Working and Living Alongside People Diagnosed With Dementia
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dateFri, 22 Nov 10:00am - 4:00pm

authorLawrence Cockrill

Friday 22nd November, 10am - 4pm at LCI

We will be hosting an open day for those working and living alongside people diagnosed with dementia, with talks and workshops around areas including mental health, spirituality, legal advice as well as opportunities to meet with other helpful individuals and organisations.

We will be joined by Claire Surr, Professor of Dementia Studies and Dr Alys Griffiths, Research Fellow in Dementia Studies, at Leeds Beckett University, Neil Courtman and Ruth Hawke from Alzheimer's Society, Tim Sanders from Leeds City Council, Penny Foulds from Lancaster University and MAC clinical and Clare King from Clarion Solicitors, among others. 

This is a free event with refreshments and lunch provided by LCI.

Sign up via our Eventbrite page here.

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profileI found the project/churches page on the Network Leeds site really useful as I was looking for projects with a social action focus