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Traidcraft Big Brew at St. Edmund’s Church, Roundhay
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dateSat, 25 Feb 10:00am - 2:00pm

authorNetwork Leeds

Join us for the Traidcraft Big Brew at St. Edmund’s Church. Over 70% of people living in poverty in Africa live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for food and income. But many struggle to make a living, or afford basic things we take for granted. 

Fair trade groceries

- Easter eggs
- Handmade and embroidered cards from Bangladesh
- A selection of goods from the new Spring Catalogue
- A Raffle for fair trade goodies 

You can also:

Watch a dvd and hear from some of Traidcraft’s producers;
Read about the goods and how buying them makes a difference - providing farmers and artisans with everything they need to escape from poverty and cultivate a better future.

 Donate to the Let it Grow Appeal and help people:

to feed their families;
send their children to school;
get healthcare when they are ill.

5% off all Traidcraft purchases and orders PLUS 5% given to Traidcraft’s Let it Grow Appeal.  

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profileI wanted to thank you and your team for all the work and energy you have all put in to serving our city over the years