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Those Seeking Refuge: Realities and Possibilities
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dateThu, 23 May 11:00am - 3:00pm

authorLawrence Cockrill

The overall intention is to link up those who will be involved with problems brought to them, by clients, parishioners and participants in churches, community centres and drop-in centres with those who work with these client groups, including solicitors with legal aid contracts, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Refugee and Asylum workers and practitioners.

Keynote Speaker: Frances Webber

Frances Webber is Vice-chair of the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). Frances speaks, writes and campaigns on a range of related areas including the ‘Stansted 15’; the ‘Hostile Environment’: and Confronting Racism. Most recently she has written on Entrenching hierarchies: the new immigration white paper.

  • There are workshops for volunteers and activists, and for those with lived experience of seeking refuge.
  • Workshops are in the areas of language acquisition, legal issues, the role of the arts, and welcome in Leeds.
  • At workshops, we will explore the experience, sketch the field of provision and issues, and signpost different volunteering and partnership possibilities.
  • Stands in the main convention room for providers of services to display their information and referral pathways.

We are looking for:-

  • Those who would like a stand to promote their services or projects.
  • Those who would like to run a workshop/ advice sessions.
  • Those who would like to meet up with providers and explore links that would help their clients.
  • Groups of clients facing the issues and who want an opportunity to gain further information on how it will affect them and what steps they need to take next.

This is a free event and refreshments and Lunch will be provided by LCI. There will be no charge for stands and entry.

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