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The Gathering - Prophetic Encounter Leeds
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dateWed, 16 Oct 7:00pm - 9:30pm

authorCharlotte Trudgen

Hosted by CI Europe and Tomi Arayomi Ministries, Prophetic Encounter Leeds is non-denominational ekklesia to welcome the prophetic word of God, individually and geographically. We gaze on Jesus and drink deeply from Him. Personal prophecy will be available from our Prophetic Team.

About The Event

PROPHETIC ENCOUNTER LEEDS is a regional quarterly gathering for you to experience, learn and be activated in the prophetic, encouraging what is already within you. We embrace God's living words and encourage you to see what the Father is doing through the power of the Holy Spirit. The evening will be lea by the internationally recognised prophet Tomi Arayomi who has been led by God to invest in the region for this time. 

Hosted by CI Europe and Tomi Arayomi Ministries

Admission is FREE WITH A LOVE OFFERING for the venue, speaker and traveling costs. Thank you for sowing into this growing ministry. 

Parking FREE on-site

All welcome! 

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NB. Some satnavs do not recognise the venue postcode without the street name ‘Rider Street’ being included.  

Prophecy from Sharon Stone of CI Europe - Leeds October 2018  

"But now let me tell you what the Spirit of God is doing. God is watering the area because He’s calling it a harvest ground. God says he’s going to bring forth salvation, He’s going to bring forth a great harvest. He’s going to cause it to be a hot spot of The Spirit. This is necessary.

I believe the prophetic comes in to deal with the atmosphere. I believe the prophetic is coming in to connect people’s hearts to a fresh word of what the Spirit of God is doing. Not just from somebody else but with their own ears with the Lord effecting their own relationship bringing resurrection and revival within themselves.

But Leeds and surrounding area and pastors of that area, listen to this. I believe this is a gift being given to you this isn’t anybody looking for a ministry. This is a gift being given to you in the area of the prophetic to saturate the place because God is giving you an ingredient that is necessary for a coming harvest." 

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