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Pilgrimage to the House of Questions
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date Sat, 24 Jul 10:00am - 12:00pm

authorLawrence Cockrill

A pilgrimage of 2.5 miles, with four prayer stations along the way, from Leeds Minster to the Church of the Epiphany Gipton to view the House of Questions Exhibition.

This unique exhibition, postponed from 2020, includes an installation by visual artist Phill Hopkins and supported reflection by community theologian Dr Charlotte Naylor Davis. Their work developed last year supported by a bursary from Leeds Church Institute. They began with the brief of exploring Good News in Leeds and then their experience was impacted by Lockdown. Join the pilgrimage that will end by seeing what they created and produced.

Encounter the tension between what we believe and what we are experiencing

At the heart of the installation is the question, ‘If you could ask one question of God or about religion, what would it be?’ It is an immersive and engaging experience which encourages you to find your way to respond to the question. To find out about the installation, view Phill’s Instagram and Phill’s short film telling the story of the development of House of Questions.

The supported questioning facilitated by Charlotte’s work invites people to encounter the tension between what we believe and what we are experiencing. It draws on questions asked by Leeds people, and includes church responses to Black Lives Matter, as well as illness and suffering during the pandemic. To find out more about the theology, see Charlotte’s Arts & Theology Bursary blog .

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