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Iron Sharpens Iron Autumn Programme
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date Fri, 24 Sep 8:47am - Fri, 26 Nov 8:47am

authorMark Roques

Iron Sharpens Iron Autumn Programme

Friday 24th September, 8.00pm Justin Gill will be talking about his experiences living and working in Pakistan as a Christian. The challenges to Christian mission in Pakistan and churches especially in the current geopolitical context of the region.  Justin is a Trustee of Thinking Faith Network. A Christian of Pakistani and Sikh heritage, he is currently IT Manager at FIEC. Meeting via Zoom.

Friday 29th October, 8.00pm Dr Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin will be talking about art and aesthetics in the reformed tradition of the Christian church. She will explore questions of beauty, artistic taste and their relationship to expressions of faith. Adrienne is a Teaching Fellow in Religion, Philosophy and the Arts, University of London and has authored books and papers for both public and academic audiences, including the acclaimed Art and Soul: Signposts for Christians in the Arts. Meeting via Zoom.

Friday 26th November, 8.00pm Dr Richard Gunton will be talking about ‘objectivity’ in science. Richard has wide ranging scientific research interests focusing on ecology, environmental policy, ethical value theory and philosophy of science. He is currently Lecturer in Statistics, University of Winchester and Honorary Director, Faith in Scholarship for Thinking Faith Network. Meeting via Zoom.

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