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Influence For Men Conference Leeds 2018
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dateSat, 1 Dec 10:00am - 3:00pm

authorIsaiah Oyedele

Influence for Men is Destiny’s men’s ministry, it’s a place for men to develop their spiritual base, enhance their character, and equip them to be the men of godly influence in their home, workplace and beyond.

At the heart of Influence is a mandate built upon eight fundamentals:

1. To help men discover their God-given purpose and vision for life and be equipped to fulfill it
2. To develop strong friendship and accountability
3. To develop a passion and a commitment to become like Christ
4. To learn how to win the fight for the family and love their wives as Christ loved the church.
5. Build strong awesome marriages
6. Be equipped to take their place at the forefront of the their industry
7. To develop spiritual integrity and behaviour and the know how to live a life free from sexual sin.
8. Be hearers and doers of the Word

Throughout the year we’ll host regular events and enjoy various activities. From sports to seminars for business and career interests, to men’s breakfasts with the full spread! Check our website calendar for regular updates, or follow Pastor Jerome on Twitter!

Lead the family. Serve the church. Transform the community. Impact the world!

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