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dateMon, 4 Sep 7:30pm - 9:00pm

authorNetwork Leeds

Further to our last meeting, we'd like to reconvene to build on the positive discussions and ideas of that meeting earlier in March.

When we met as the international sphere it was unanimously agreed that we should meet again to explore further ways in which to engage in mission more effectively from an intercultural perspective. For a number of reasons our meeting was unable to take place but we are now inviting you to come on 4th September. This will be a time to share and discuss together again in different groups and discover a more cohesive unity of purpose.

The aim of this event - Help provide a space where Christians can meet other Christians who are involved in similar areas / spheres with the aim of:  
 - Talking about the challenges they face
 - Seeing if any type of official network is appropriate
-  Looking at how together Christians can have a positive impact their sphere.

There will be areas / spheres for those involved in Education, Business, Arts/Media, Social Justice, Health, General Work place and Faith/Internationals.  Gather Leeds exists to encourage prayer, building relationships, transformation across the city and reflection. It is a movement that seeks to support existing initiatives like prayer for Leeds and to enable new things to grow.  ‘Gather’ is a national/international movement which aims to encourage unity, prayer and a commitment to positive transformation in the cities and towns.

For those of you who were not at the initial event please see the flyer with some of the of the details sent out prior to the last meeting.

Gather Leeds is linked with the Gather UK Movement.

Could you please confirm whether you will be coming so that we can organise our time well.  Email Dave Paterson on  Hope to see you all there ...

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