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CAP Life Skills
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dateMon, 6 Mar 7:30pm - Mon, 8 May 10:00pm

authorBeth Howard

CAP Life Skills course starts at 7.30pm on Monday 6 March at Gateway Church at St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Road, Woodhouse, LEEDS LS2 9AF.  The CAP Life Skills course is free and each session runs for about two hours. 

The course aims to give people the confidence and decision making skills they need to live life on a low income. We will discuss practical money saving techniques, such as cooking on a budget, living healthily on less, and making money go further. 

The first week is a “taster session” and will provide an overview of the whole course, answer questions about the CAP Life Skills and sign people up for the rest of the course.  

Gateway Church has partnered with CAP to run this course, probably three times a year.  CAP Life Skills is an extension of the CAP Money Course, which has benefitted 11,000 people each year.  CAP is a charity that gives free help to everyone regardless of age, gender, faith or background.  Starting 20 years ago, it first offered debt counselling and now offers a range of help to tens of thousands of people in hardship across the UK every year.

To find out more about CAP Life Skills or to book a place, telephone 0113 2443245 or email

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