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Business and the Kingdom - Integrating Faith and Work
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dateSat, 7 Nov 9:30am - 4:00pm

authorKaren Williams

The year so far will have impacted you and your work in many ways and this online conference provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on that, with God, ready to move forward to 2021.

Our work takes the biggest share of our energy and time, while worship expresses our heart and soul. The bible has the same root word for both. If our work and worship aren’t aligned, we serve different masters and our lives become disintegrated. When aligned they bring purpose, energy and joy.

This conference is an opportunity to pause and reflect on what God is saying; to check we are on His course; and to ensure that our work and worship are aligned in values and purpose, so that we become fruitful in building His Kingdom in His world. Speakers will include:

Joëlle Warren Executive Chair and Founding Partner of the executive search firm, Warren Partners. Her Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Cheshire. Her business philosophy is based on Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 7: treating others - candidates, clients, colleagues, suppliers, and the community, as we want to be treated. She brings God into what she is doing, whether she is recruiting for the Church or a secular organisation.

Ben Woollard Ben is a southerner who emigrated to Sheffield and lives on the edge of the peak district with his wife and daughter. He built and sold his award-winning recruitment business before he hit 30. He’s passionate about the church, in all its variety, being a driver for societal transformation. He is the CEO of the Charity Together for Sheffield as well as a Director of FiveandCo, a consultancy that specialises in leadership development and building thriving teams. His assistance has been sought after at board level in 3rd and private sector organisations.

There will also be several workshops to choose from including:

  • working at home
  • being responsible at work
  • faith in the worlds of law and finance
  • living with failure

Tickets are £35 each, or £20 for a half-day session (9.30am-1.30pm or 12.30-4pm). In addition to this and in order to encourage participation from students and younger people, two tickets are available for £55, or £35 for a half-day session.

Please do tell others in your networks and encourage them to join us on Zoom - Saturday November 7th 2020 9.30am for 10am – 4pm.

Tickets can be booked at

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