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Bless Leeds 21
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date Fri, 21 May - Mon, 20 Sep

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This summer, Leeds Prayer House and Pray For Leeds are working together on a project called Bless Leeds 21, aiming to prayer walk the streets of Leeds from 21st May to 20th September. There is an App available that covers all LS postcodes, where you can record which streets you have walked and see what others have done. We’d love it if you were able to get involved, along with other Christians in your area.

Please see our web page on the Leeds Christian Community Trust website, where there is more information about the project and where you can download the App, watch and download a video about the project, print off flyers and sign up for our mailing list. A video about the project is also available here - Feel free to share this widely with other Christians across the city.

If you have any questions about the project, please email

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