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Aire Valley Arts - Unfolding
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date Wed, 8 Sep 10:00am - Thu, 28 Oct 4:00pm

authorPhilip Lickley

Art, like life, has a beautiful way of unfolding in its own exquisite way and in its own natural time frame. 

We may start with an idea, a concept, a vision, but the real beauty, in art and in life, is often found when we allow a natural, unforced, free-flowing unfolding.

The exhibition, ‘Unfolding’ is a celebration of this natural, creative process.

The exhibition is split between Bradford Cathedral and Kala Sangam. Opening times for the venues may vary depending on events but you can see both parts of the exhibition during the following times:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
(except Wednesdays: 12noon - 4pm)

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

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